Feb 082012

There’s a lesson to be learned here for all of us…

I mean, look at this rubbish!  Shops selling pirated software that won’t update and leaves customers open to viruses, etc.  The solution is so simple, so why isn’t it being put into practice?  Just use Linux – no viruses, no registration fees, no licencing headaches!

So many IT shops seem scared they may lose business by moving away from the Microsoft products so well known to many of their customers – yet those same shops are prepared to lose their entire business through prosecution for violating Microsoft’s terms.  Well, shop owners, I ask you, what part of your anatomy is that huge company squeezing to make you scream so?

All I can say is, be wise, ditch all that proprietary software, embrace Open Standards, use Linux and Open Source software.  Once you commit to making the change, you’ll never go back to expensive proprietary software, where your options are limited by whatever the manufacturer decides to lock you into.


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